Our priority is a strong and independent Canada

…one that provides a bright future for every hard-working Canadian.

Protection of free speech

Free speech is the foundation of our democracy. Without it, we are vulnerable to limitations of expression from lobby groups, activists and even our own government.

Free expression is not a luxury, but a right that should be afforded to all Canadians. As conservatives, we believe in this most fundamental liberty and encourage the government to uphold this priceless institution within courts, the media and public life.

Sensible gun laws & rights

The shooting sports are being strangled by ever increasing regulations and buried under a constant barrage of “fake news” implying that hunters and target shooters pose a threat to the public. PAL holders are frequently treated with suspicion by the RCMP and the present government has promised a long list of gun restrictions in the future.
We believe in sensible gun laws that ensure the safety of the public while not criminalizing gun owners who are frequently subject to blame and gun restrictions.

Develop diplomatic arrangements with CANZUK countries

CANZUK is a diplomatic alliance between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As these four countries share a mutual language, sovereign and ancestral ties, these countries have developed ever-closer bonds in international politics.

By joining an existing migration arrangement between Australia and New Zealand, CANZUK can afford Canadians the freedom the live, work and study in any of the other three countries, providing opportunities for Canadians outside of their national borders while preserving national security. Mutual trade between the four countries can also develop economic growth and prosperity, while intelligence collaboration based on existing NATO and UNSC agreements can ensure a safer and more secure world.

For more information, visit CANZUK International online.

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