Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain at Rideau Cottage for the next few weeks (photo: Kamara Morozuk)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will remain in isolation at his home for almost two more weeks even though his wife recently announced she has recovered from COVID-19.

“I have to continue in isolation in order to be sure that we’re following all the protocols and the recommendations by Health Canada,” he said at his daily briefing to the nation in front of Rideau Cottage. However, many have noted that this appears to be a wide interpretation of Health Canada’s recommendations, as providing Canadians have self-isolated for the required period of time after risk of illness, they are not required to continue self-isolation.

After testing positive on March 13th, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau issued a thank you to Canadians for their support in a Facebook video announcing she had been given the “all-clear” from both her doctor and Ottawa Public Health.

Ms. Trudeau has also taken her and the Prime Minister’s three children to their cottage residence in Quebec while he remains at their Ottawa home.

Trudeau was the first major world leader to go into isolation because of COVID-19, even though he has shown no symptoms himself and neither have his children; Xavier, 12, Ella-Grace, 11 and Hadrien, 6.

Many Canadians are now questioning the leadership skills of the Prime Minister as instead of demonstrating strong and public leadership, he continues to shelter in Ottawa while Canada faces its worst crisis in modern history.

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