Our petition calls for the suspension of the leadership race for public safety (photo: Michael Bell/CP)


Each day, the number of new cases of the Coronavirus in Canada have increased. In response, Parliament has been suspended along with numerous other government institutions.

This is not the time for a Conservative Party leadership race. 

Candidates, staff, volunteers, supporters and the general public should not have their safety put at risk through the continuation of the campaign at a time when taking care of your loved ones is the only priority. 

Everyone deserves to spend this crisis with their families. 

Furthermore, Canadians at large are no longer engaged in our party’s race.

The contest can continue once all of parliament has re-commenced sitting (currently anticipated for April 20th). Once MPs across all leadership campaigns have returned to full time work, our race can also return.

That delay should be reviewed in case the pandemic becomes far worse and it needs to go for a more extended period of time.

Anything else is a wasted opportunity to find the best leader to take on Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party. It is also a risk to public health and Canadian unity. 

This is why Elect Conservatives is running this petition demanding the party suspend all campaign operations until Parliament returns.

Sign our petition below and help keep Canada safe.

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