Conservatism at its core is about a deep understanding of tradition, economics, and ultimately realistic choices. We believe that way forward is through personal responsibility and ultimately a society which those of us who work hard can succeed. 

We believe that Canada also has a culture that is deeply worth protecting. We accept per capita more immigrants than any other country and have done so with far fewer problems. 

That has occurred for generations due to Canadian culture.

We lastly believe that a nation is meant to become strong. The Canadian government must therefore also build towards meeting the protection requirements for all citizens. 

We promote these core values and hope that with your help we can make them everyday values at the election box.

Yaakov (Yanky) Pollak, Executive Director

Yanky is a social media and political strategist who understands what it means to push a message in 2020.

He has built Elect Conservatives through years of dedication, hard work, and a genuine belief in Conservative policies.

Outside of his involvement in politics, Yanky is an owner of a small business.



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