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About Us

We are believers in...
free speech. free markets. low taxes. liberty.

Conservatism, at its core, is about understanding tradition, economic values and liberty.

We believe the way forward is through personal responsibility, limited government and a society where those who work hard can succeed.

Canada is a country that has incredible potential. From our natural resources and beautiful landscape, to our people and cultures, we are a country that is envied across the world. For that reason, it is time we became stronger with conservative principles that will promote economic growth, prosperity and opportunity for our citizens.

Elect Conservatives was founded to promote these core values, and today, is the fastest-growing conservative and counter-culture outlet in Canada for news, opinion, and entertainment.

We do not claim to be without bias; we're opinionated, loud and here to act as an outlet for conservatives across our great nation.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Elect Conservatives...
Founder & Social Media Manager

Yaakov Pollak

Montreal, QC
Brand & Commerce Manager

Nathan Pronk

Waterloo, ON

Sarah Fischer

Ottawa, ON