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Health Care

Canada is among the OECD countries that spend the most on health care, but the fundamental problem is that we are the only developed country where the government has a monopoly on medically required care.

All other OECD countries have mixed private-public systems and (with the exception of the United States) universal systems that guarantee citizens equal access.

Patients in these countries have a lot more choice than Canadians. They can be treated in public or private hospitals, with the government or their private insurance paying for the treatment. Wait times are relatively short, and nobody is denied care because of low income.

However, in Canada, we have no choice but to rely on a healthcare sector that is monopolized by the government, meaning waiting lists are longer, and many Canadians go abroad to obtain treatment that they are not permitted to receive here.

It is time for our governments (both provincial and federal) to implement reforms in line with the more efficient and less costly mixed universal systems of other developed countries, providing choice for those who wish to obtain treatment privately while subsequently reducing waiting lists for those on the public system.

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