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Lower taxes

After breaking their promise to eliminate the deficit and adding $70 billion to the debt, the Liberals now plan to add another $94 billion to it in the next four years.

They have abandoned all pretense of eliminating the deficit. Instead, they have made spending promises totaling tens of billions of dollars and proposed targeted tax measures that will only complicate Canada’s tax system and make it less fair.

This is irresponsible. If a recession hits, the federal government will be in a precarious fiscal situation and could lose control of its finances. Moreover, no broad-based reduction in the tax burden will ever be possible with a government that keeps growing and paying for new programs with borrowed money.

Instead of buying votes with borrowed money, a responsible government should cut spending, balance the budget as quickly as possible, and then lower taxes in a prudent manner to put money back into Canadians’ pockets.

Elect Conservatives will always advocate for responsible and limited government spending while supporting lower taxes to increase our nation’s prosperity.
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