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Under the influence of radical environmental activists and American left-wing foundations, the Trudeau government has done everything it can to stifle the growth of Canada’s oil industry by preventing it from transporting and selling its products.

With Bill C-48, the Liberals imposed a ban on oil tanker traffic on the north coast of British Columbia, which brought the cancellation of the Northern Gateway and Eagle Spirit pipeline projects. After years of legal uncertainty, investors pulled out of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and sold it to the federal government for $4.5 billion. It is still uncertain when it will be completed.

Finally, Bill C-69 makes the process of building pipelines and other major energy projects so complex and difficult that it could prevent any new investment.

If oil doesn’t come from Alberta and Saskatchewan, it will come from elsewhere, mostly countries with poor environmental or human rights standards such as Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. And if it is not transported by pipelines, it will be transported by rail; a much more dangerous method for the environment as we saw with the Lac-Mégantic tragedy.

Either the Liberal Party are too weak to stand up to environmental activists and American foundations, or they are committed to transferring jobs and profits to energy companies overseas. Both are a sign of weak leadership and necessitate conservative principles of a strong natural resources sector.

The oil and gas industry has been, for decades, a major source of employment, government revenue and economic well-being for all of Canada. It should be allowed to grow, export its products and bring prosperity to our country for generations to come.
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