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No Vaccine Passports

In what can only be described as the largest infringement on civil liberties in modern times, the federal government is implementing legislation to introduce mandatory vaccine passports for Canadians.

Every Canadian has the right to make their own decisions about what’s best for themselves and their families. It is not the government’s place to mandate medical intervention for those of sound mind, let alone record their medical history on a digital passport.

The Trudeau government frame the vaccine passport as a method to keep Canadians safe, but we should call it out for what it really is: political blackmail.

The provincial government of Québec have already laid out plans to prohibit unvaccinated Canadians from accessing non-essential services, and in doing so, using the vaccine passport as a way to prove medical status. This does nothing but create a two-tiered society where the government ultimately control what services you can access – all in the name of public safety.

The Liberal party of Canada have given no thought nor foresight into how dangerous such a policy is. Today; those without a vaccine passport won’t be able to access non-essential services. Tomorrow; who knows what draconian measures the government will pass under health legislation. The question is: do we want to take that chance?

At Elect Conservatives, we stand in absolute opposition to the vaccine passport. It is nothing more than government over-reach which threatens the constitutional rights of Canadians and our future as a free and democratic nation. We urge all supporters of our basic Charter rights to stand in opposition with us against this dangerous and draconian attack on our civil liberties.

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