Government Source Reveals Mask Mandates Will Return In November

Government Source Reveals Mask Mandates Will Return In November

A source inside the Ontario Ministry of Health has revealed that mandatory masking will likely return come November as seasonal cold, flu and COVID-19 variant infections rise.

Speaking with Elect Conservatives on the condition they remain anonymous, the staffer said that high level talks have already been held in the Ministry of Health and the office of Premier Doug Ford.

“To be blunt, masks are not going away. We are just in the temporary situation for the summer months until seasonal infections rise again,” said the source.”

“Infections are undoubtedly going to rise; cold, flu, a new COVID variant – it’s bound to happen. And when they do, the government will not want to be seen as “doing nothing”, so they are going to reimpose masking to stop the spread. That’s the long-term game plan right now anyway.”

Ontarians will go to the polls in June 2022 to either re-elect Doug Ford or put a new Premier in his place – a situation that has undoubtedly influenced the Premier’s decision to (temporarily) remove mask mandates.

“Right now, it’s smart we lift these restrictions because it’s a great vote winner, but when winter rolls around, we’re kind of gonna be back to square one,” the source emphasized.

The Ontario government announced the lifting of mask mandates to take effect by March 21, but voters should be aware that the government’s plan is for the easement of masking regulations to be temporary. The question Canadians nationwide will have is: will this be an isolated policy for Ontario, or are all provinces going to reimpose mask mandates every winter?

(Photo credit: Sky News)


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