Liberals To Unveil More COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Liberals To Unveil More COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Despite nearly two years of social distancing, masking, lockdowns and mandatory vaccines, Justin Trudeau will advise Canadians against non-essential travel to foreign countries and bring in new restrictions to fight COVID-19.

Government sources, who leaked the information, said advisories will likely be announced on Wednesday.

The Liberals instituted similar recommendations in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, but recently lifted them in October as vaccinations rose.

The announcements are likely to follow a meeting between Trudeau and provincial Premiers who had a 90 minute meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the new non-essential travel recommendations and a number of other travel measures that could help curb the spread of COVID-19.

One measure that is likely to be implemented is testing at airports for all individuals coming back to Canada, regardless of nationality or the country they are arriving from, according to a senior government source.

Another measure being considered by the federal government is banning foreign nationals from entering Canada outright, but sources have said those measures won’t be considered for now.

On Friday, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said that Canadians who travel abroad should be prepared for “hassles and delays” when they return home. “Canadians who are thinking of travelling abroad need to be warned that the situation abroad is both risky and unstable,” he said.

Despite nearly two years of masking in public places, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines for employees, we are facing yet more restrictions because of COVID-19. It is slowly becoming clear that no matter what we do as a country, we will continually have our rights eroded in the name of public health, and this nightmare is not looking like it will end any time soon.

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