Ready For Higher Prices? Truckers Must Vaccinate Or Quit

Ready For Higher Prices? Truckers Must Vaccinate Or Quit

The cost of goods is likely to become even more expensive in Canada as Trudeau will enforce a vaccine mandate on truckers entering the country from this Saturday.

All truckers entering from the United States will now be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 – a move which the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) says could force over 16,000 cross-border drivers off the roads.

The move will undoubtedly exacerbate driver shortages and drive up the price of goods imported from the United States, increasing inflationary pressure on Canada’s economy even further.

Trucks crossed the border freely when the border was closed for 20 months because they were considered essential to keep supply chains flowing. However, despite high inflation and impacted supply chains, the Trudeau Liberals are imposing the new restriction in the name of “public health”.

Even though the vast majority of Canadian truckers are vaccinated, those who are not “are already starting to quit,” said Stephen Laskowski, President and Chief Executive of the CTA, adding that the industry is already short some 18,000 drivers.

Supply chain disruptions drove Canada’s headline inflation rate to an 18-year high in November.

“We’re going to see prices skyrocket for groceries, for everything, if we see tens of thousands of truckers unemployed,” Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole said on Thursday, adding there could be “reasonable accommodations” like regular testing.

Yet again, we’re seeing more out-of-touch and economically damaging policies introduced by a former drama teacher who simply does not care about the impact his ego has on average Canadians.

While he lives a lavish lifestyle earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, us mere citizens must suffice with high inflation, and a new policy from this Saturday that will make life even more difficult for the lower and middle classes.

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